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building inspection services San Francisco CA


A detailed commercial building inspection checklist is formed to ensure that the building’s condition is satisfactory and your purchase is the right choice.


Investing in a commercial building is a lavish step to make. This step needs a proper investigation and check. So, a detailed commercial building inspection checklist is formed to ensure that the building’s condition is satisfactory and your purchase is the right choice.

It is not shocking if minimum errors are observed in a commercial building. It gives you an estimate that how much you have to pay for the building as well as for the repair and replacement of its infrastructure. However, in case of major faults, it will save you from dealing with loss. A commercial building has a purpose to generate maximum ROI. It is your most precious asset. So, it is best to hire a commercial building inspector who understands your concerns and takes action accordingly. Let us check what a Building Inspector San Francisco CA looks for while examination:


These pillars are not concrete pillars but even stronger than those. It is a figurative phrase showing that your building needs the following important checks:

  • Mechanical system
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation and Cooling system
  • Heating system

Ranging from the wires to the taps, everything is examined and noted in the report. A building inspector notes the condition of fire alarms and sprinkler systems as well. If these systems are not working accurately, the inspector will simply calculate the cost required for its repair and replacement and add it to the report. In case of a major issue, he will recommend no purchase.


Do not confuse mechanical systems with exterior checks. Your building exterior is not only the walls but the parking, roofing, and landscapes. A Commercial Building Inspector in San Francisco, CA will make a team of contractors and roofing experts to critically evaluate the condition of the building. Their words will also be noted in the checklist. The examiner will make sure in the end that the exterior is safe and sound. The exterior can withstand the weather conditions and add the cost of repair if required.


Like the exterior, the interior is also examined comprehensively.  Building Inspection Service in San Francisco, CA targets if the building is formed according to the local building codes or not. Local building codes are a set of rules used to design the buildings in commercial or residential areas. A building inspector checks the floor, walls, kitchen, bathroom, offices, and hallways, etc. He checks if there are signs of water leakage for instance damp conditions in the kitchen and bathroom. He checks toilet seats and taps for leakage and rust. The checklist includes a complete report on its condition.


An examiner makes sure that the electrical system is completely functional with no flaws. He confirms the well-conditioned wires. There is an assessment for electric wire breakage or damage in the circuit breaker. He makes sure that all the electricity system is working such that it will not disturb the owner and employees of the offices. He reports if there is a need for new wiring for the building.


Make sure that the roof is well-covered with no patches and cracks. These patches and cracks can lead to water damage. If your roof is appearing faded, your inspector will inform you that it needs sealing. He will evaluate if there is any rust present in the iron rods of the roof. He will appraise if the iron rods are temporarily covered with paints to cheat the customers so that the rust will not appear.


The checker will check the legal condition of the building by going through all documents related to the commercial building. For instance, Complete Building Inspections in San Francisco, CA leads the inspector to check the documents include the review evaluations, certificates, permit for the building, and all the safety system records.


Many commercial building inspectors serve commercial as well as residential purposes. You can hire them before purchasing a residence for you to make sure that you are investing right. Observe the complete checklist and assure that the repair and replacement are not costing you more than your planned budget. Do not compromise on the infrastructure and electric system of the building. Invest right to get right.

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