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What is a hazardous materials inspection?

Before beginning a renovation or demolition on any building built before 1990, ensure you know the current conditions of your building before you create a hazardous condition for your loved ones, workers, and our environment. Asbestos and lead are known to exist in the vast majority of buildings in the Bay Area. We are here to help with your asbestos, mold, and lead testing/consulting needs.

San Francisco Building Inspection

Building Inspection

Our Services

asbestos testing San Francisco CA

Asbestos Testing

We assure you that our services will do justice with your requirements and money. So, what’s holding you back? Avail of this golden opportunity before others.

mold & lead testing and removal San Francisco CA

Mold and Lead Testing & Inspection

Our mold testing service will help you decide whether you are investing in the right place or not. So, what are you still waiting for? Call us now to learn more about our mold testing costs!

Building Inspection Services

Inspect building San Francisco CA

Building Inspection Services

Inspection Building

Building Inspection Services- Get Your Quote Today!

Up for a remodeling project? That’s great How old your building is? If your premises were constructed in the 1990s, then there are enormous chances of lead and asbestos presence in the building. That can become a serious hazard during the demolishment of the building for you, your loved ones, and the workers. Therefore, it’s essential to seek professional building inspections, so that professionals can take precautionary measures while demolishing and remodeling. You can rely on us for promising building inspection services. We have devised effectual techniques and tools to detect asbestos, mold, and lead at a place. We do inspections and provide solutions, the results you can rely on. We are proud to say that our dedicated team is the unreplaceable assets of our company that leave no stone unrolled to provide you with optimal outcomes. You can contact us for pre-sale and pre-purchase inspection as well to see if you are investing in the right place or not! Besides, a precise inspection will help to know the air quality of your place for optimal health, and you will better able to understand work hazards and liabilities. Call us! 

Commercial & Residential Building Inspection Services

Commercial & Residential Building Inspection Services- Get Results You Can Rely On!

Quality Air Environmental Consulting covers both commercial & residential building inspection services. We offer comprehensive inspection services for the detection and mitigation of mold, asbestos, mildew, and lead at your place that can cause you unnecessary work hazards and liabilities if not addressed on time. Our certified team inspect your place thoroughly and make a comprehensive report accordingly. Research says, there are higher chances of lead and asbestos presence in commercial buildings as these materials were used quite commonly before 1990 at steel beams, columns, and paints to enhance their durability. However, after the revelation of the health risk of lead & asbestos these were banned by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), still, present in buildings built before 1990, therefore inspections are compulsory. So, hire our certified residential & commercial building inspectors and get your work done perfectly! We provide results, you can rely on!

home building inspector San Francisco CA

Building Inspection company

commercial & Residential building inspectors

Professional Home Building Inspectors Services

professional building inspectors San Francisco CA

Professional building inspectors

Home Building inspector Service

Professional Home Building Inspectors Services- Try Us!

Want to hire professional home building inspectors’ services at reasonable charges? Well, now, you do not need to go any further because Quality Air Environmental Consulting is here with a team of efficient home building inspectors ready to inspect your home for mold, asbestos, mildew, lead, and other hazardous chemicals. You can seek for our building inspection services before a renovation or remodeling project or check the air quality at your place. Our team will check each corner and square of your home and provide you with a comprehensive report of all the findings and analysis. So, what are you waiting for? Do not wait for tomorrow, contact us today and let us help you with all of your home inspection needs. Worried about hefty charges? You don’t need to, because our services are highly cost-efficient. Contact us right away or book an appointment for later. Get your home inspected and take a step ahead towards a healthy life!  

Complete Building​ inspection company

Complete Building Inspection Company - Durable & Economical Services

Need complete building inspections at affordable rates? Great! You’re at the best place already. With a vast experience of several years and commitment to improve the health standard of the place you live; we are here to serve you with state-of-the-art building inspection services. Quality Air Environmental Consulting is a complete building inspection company, that you can rely on for comprehensive inspection of your place with high-tech tools and proactive techniques that guarantee optimal outcomes. Isn’t it what you are looking for? Acquire our durable and economical services and let us help you the best way possible!
Building inspection san francisco

Complete building inspections

Inspect A Complete Building

Why should you consider an asbestos or lead building inspection?

Ensure the building you buy is a good investment

Understand your present air quality for optimal health.

Understand work hazards and liabilities.

Ensure compliance with Federal, State, and local Regulations. Avoid Fines!

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