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Asbestos Inspection

What to expect from asbestos testing


Asbestos used to be commonly used building equipment that was used for insulation purposes before the 1990s. However, ever since the world has recognized its health hazards its use has been diminished drastically.

Many buildings have asbestos installed inside their walls, attics, plumbing, etc and it can cause serious respiratory disorders, cancer, and in severe cases death.

If you suspect asbestos anywhere in your house you can avail of residential asbestos testing in San Francisco CA by calling a professional.

Similarly, you can also get your hands on commercial asbestos testing in San Francisco CA to get rid of this dangerous hazard.

While during the process, here are some of the things that you can expect:

What Does Asbestos Test Include?

For starters, you need to have a clear insight into what an asbestos test includes.

During the process, your professionals will go around your house looking for any sign of asbestos invasion in the familiar places and areas where asbestos has been used.

For instance, you can expect an attic to have asbestos particles from the loose-fill asbestos insulation.

One cannot identify the presence of asbestos by just looking at it so to conduct the test; a sample is taken and sent to a lab for the verification of the results.

Note that all such processes must be conducted by the hands of a professional with protective equipment otherwise, it can result in serious health hazards.

Never try DIY testing.

The Asbestos Inspection Test

Now that we are on our way to perform an asbestos inspection test, here are some of the things you can expect to happen during the whole process.


First thing first, your residential asbestos testing coming will come by your house for an in-depth and vigilant asbestos testing.

To verify whether or not the samples are inside your house, the test is conducted in various suspicious areas of your house.

As mentioned above, samples are taken from various areas and materials around the house, and the test is conducted on those to verify their presence.

Protective Coating

Another thing that you will expect and must obey is to wear the protective coating. You will also see your hired team of professionals wearing those to ensure safety measures.

As stated above, if breathed asbestos could be highly dangerous for your respiratory system and it can also cause cancer and deaths.

During the inspection, all the workers and the people in that particular area are required to wear protective coating so they wouldn’t breathe in the asbestos

Their customers will consist of full hazmat suits to ensure no particle latch onto their suit, or that they don’t breathe in any.

Proper Containment

Another thing you need to expect is that asbestos particles can easily spread throughout the building or area.

Hence, during the inspection, you must make sure to properly seal off the room or that area when removing the asbestos.

All the windows, doors, and any other penetrations are covered beforehand to make sure it stays inside the four walls.

Asbestos Abatement

During this process, you can expect your company to remove the drywall, insulation, or any other material which may contain asbestos and disposing of it.

It must be thrown in the trash and handled carefully to a service that will dispose of it.


Once the deed is done, you will be given a certificate stating that all the asbestos has been removed successfully.

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