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Asbestos Testing Service Berkeley CA

Asbestos Testing Company Berkeley CA

Testing for Asbestos Berkeley CA

4 Crucial Safety Tips to Keep Asbestos Away from Your Home

Asbestos is a hazardous material and therefore a very small fraction is allowed per a very specific quantity of material. Now probably you are wondering that if it is that dangerous, then why even allow the fraction. If you want to find out the answer to that question, you need to go deep and see where it is used. It is commonly used in tiles, cement, adhesives, and reinforced plastics, etc. Maybe now you have a clear idea of why it hasn’t been removed completely. You should take the following safety measures into consideration when you are dealing with this material. You can also hire an Asbestos Testing Company in Berkeley CA to address crucial needs.

1. Isolate the working area

Asbestos has very common use in construction, power generation, firefighting, and heavy industry, therefore avoiding its use is not that easy. You must stay alert when this material is in play. If the work involves grinding or any process that generates asbestos dust, then you must use plastic sheets to isolate the working area.

2. Put on a mask

If your workplace has an ambiance that is threatened by asbestos, then it would be wise to use masks during your working time and dispose of after work. you probably need Testing for Asbestos in Berkeley CA if you discover a threat. People usually make a laugh when they hear about asbestos, but it can be extremely harmful that it can cause even genetic disorders. A scratch can activate it, so be careful.

3. Use a sprayer to get the dust under control

As it is said before that a scratch can activate it, so you must act immediately because it will take time to call someone for help. Take the emergency measure instantly without waiting for anyone. The easiest way to get it under control is to use a water sprayer. This will calm down the dust instantly. Later you can hire an Asbestos Testing Service in Berkeley CA for detailed analysis.

4. Dispose of properly

Since this material can be activated readily, it is extremely important that you dispose of it correctly when needed. Make sure you have plastic bags stating clearly that it has a hazard inside. You can also contact the waste management authorities for further details.

The use of this material is now declared prohibited and only a fraction is allowed where it can’t be removed completely. Therefore, the new products or materials are far safer than it was a couple of decades ago. If you notice some ancient construction site it is advised that you stay away from it because it might have materials with heavy asbestos concentrations. So, be safe and for details, you can also read guidelines by WHO. 

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